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Grow your business with smart and simple financial solutions through TransCon Capital

About Us

TransCon Capital

TransCon Capital has a full range of business solutions including accounts receivable purchasing (factoring), equipment leasing, commercial loans, and fleet services TransCon Logistics. TransCon Capital gives your business to adapt to the ever-changing business landscapes through our technology, equipment, and top-notch services.

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    TransCon Capital Services

    Hub IT allows your business and technology computers to store, transmit, analyze, and manipulate big data.


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    Unleashing our clients’ potential by maximizing efficiency.

    Smart and Effective Business Solutions

    Our work ethic is exceptional, with the capacity and willingness to go the extra mile for you. We combine excellent support and reliability with the personal touch you desire. We provide excellent services to help your business grow.

    Turn your invoices into cash.  Meet the cash flow demands required to effectively run your business.  Flexible, Competitive & Smart Solutions.

    You can easily adapt to market disruption, differentiate yourself from your competition, and enhance your service to meet your customers' expectations with our commercial lending technology.

    Our equipment is suitable for Renewable Energy, Roadwork, General Construction, Power Stations, Civil Infrastructure, Compressor Stations and Facilities, Refineries, and so on. In addition to being top of the line, our equipment is durable, efficient, and powerful enough to get the job done right. 

    Let us assist with your next equipment purchase or sale leaseback.

    Let us manage your fleet for you through our TransCon Logistics division.

    With TransCon Capital Business Consulting, you can leave a lasting and positive impact on your business. We develop solutions to simplify your life based on the unique needs of each business.

    Invoice Factoring Services

    Accounts Receivable Purchasing

    All companies run into cash flow issues at some point, losing out on business opportunities or falling behind while waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for customer payments. It's unfortunate that traditional financing doesn't always meet these needs, has too many restrictions, or takes too long to approve.
    TransCon Capital can provide you with the cash flow you need to operate your business properly through accounts receivable financing, or factoring. As soon as you sell us your invoices, we advance you the funds you need to operate and grow your business.

    No monthly minimum obligations

    No minimum fee requirements

    No long term contract requirements

    No tax returns or financial statements required

    No operational audits

    Flexible Loan Solutions Built For Your Business

    Commercial Loans

    If you need a business loan in a small town or downtown, TransCon Capital's lending experts can assist you. Our team understands your business goals and financial needs. Get in touch with one of our local loan experts or today to explore all your business loan options.

    Commercial Construction

    Business Working Capital

    Renovations and Expansion

    Farm & Ranch Loans

    Small Business Administration (SBA)

    Lot Loans

    Equipment Leasing Services

    Equipment Leasing

    It's expensive to buy and maintain equipment, and as soon as you buy one, another comes out - making yours obsolete or inferior. Because of the high costs of owning and operating equipment, many small business owners opt to lease.
    Leasing offers some advantages over owning, such as lower monthly payments spread over months or years rather than delivered in a lump sum. A service agreement or service add-on is usually included in a commercial equipment lease, which provides business users with peace of mind and eliminates the need for in-house technicians.

    It’s cost-effective to get started.

    Easily update your equipment.

    Easier to scale.

    Equipment Leasing TransCon Capital
    Fleet Management TransCon Capital
    Let us handle the management of your fleet

    Full-Service Fleet Management

    Streamline fleet management and ease administrative duties. Our team will handle your fleet's day-to-day administration so you can concentrate on what you do best.
    TransCon Capital's premier fleet account management solution. By proactively driving efficiency, safety, compliance, and value, our experts work as an extension of your team.

    A dedicated, client-oriented client service representative

    Customized leasing and funding options

    Lifecycle management to lower total cost of ownership

    Innovative fleet management technology

    Business Consultation Services

    Business Consulting

    Businesses today are more at risk of disruption than ever before due to evolving customer expectations, emerging technologies, and more nimble startups entering the industry.
    We can help you whether you're facing challenges with your company's culture, internal processes, or need a new business strategy to reflect your vision.
    We can help your business adapt to today's market dynamics and remain competitive no matter what threats you face.

    Business Man Trans Con Capital Services